10 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Wear On A Date

Christian Singles Gone Wild – How to Keep Your Sanity When the Dating World Loses Its Mind

I refuse to believe that my life as a Christian single is mostly defined by my dating activities. From what I read on the internet and hear from family and friends; my singleness is good when I have lots of dating options and bad when those options are scarce. Am I the only one that thinks that is insane or are there any other persons who agree with me? I am more than my dating experiences!

Single Christian Lifestyles – No Good Thing in Not Trusting Others

Many single Christians make the mistake of thinking they can separate their trust in God from their trust in their friends, family members and others in their social circles. But the truth is that our trust in God is affirmed by our ability and willingness to trust those we are supposedly close to. In essence, when we trust in others, we are demonstrating our trust in God to keep, protect and provide for us. That means we can leave that job to God while we focus our energies on helping others.

4 Mistakes Guys Make When Considering Approaching Women

Mistake #1: You tell yourself the woman will never be interested in you, so you always find yourself talking yourself out of approaching women. Ok genius, you are so smart that you know a woman will not like you? Dude, let me take you to Vegas with me so we can predict the winners of the next ten Super Bowls! Listen, you will never know if a woman likes you or not until you actually go talk to her.

Things You Must Know When Learning How to Approach a Woman

When we look at ways of how to approach women, I first want to talk about the old adage of “being yourself.” This is a double edged sword. On the one hand, you should not try to be a person you are not.

The Signs Guys Are Flirting – 3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Should Be Looking For

It’s NOT great being left in the dark and not knowing signs guys are flirting. And get this: if you don’t show off your cards and show interest on the man you’re eyeing, it’s only a matter of time before he loses interest. Don’t worry though! I have compiled 3 tell-tale signs guys are flirting that will surely reveal if he has any beyond-friendship interest about you.

How to Find the Ideal Partner For Women’s Eyes Only

“How to find the ideal partner…” It’s REALLY odd when women are looking for the ideal partner and always wind up with the wrong guy. BUT when they are not in search of one, the right guy, all of a sudden, magically finds a way to them. It’s as if destiny is playing tricks on them! Is there really a surefire way on how to find the ideal partner for woman? Better yet, do “ideal partners” TRULY exist?

How to Attract a Nice Man Into Your Life – 5 Things You Must Never Forget

How to attract a nice man into your life? What makes a lady attractive to the guy she’s eyeing? Believe it or NOT, women from all 4 corners of the globe – whether average or above-average looking, ask that question more times than you can count.

Single Christian Lifestyles – Dating in Its Rightful Place

Dating for Christian singles has its place in our lives, but my concern that it is often not placed in its rightful place. On the internet, from our family members, friends and associates, the message is clear: If you are single, then your priority is to do whatever is necessary to escape from the prison of singleness. Maybe it’s time we stop frustrating ourselves because of the inordinate amount of attention we place on securing a love life and learn to put dating in its rightful place.

Single Christian Lifestyles – Oops, I Think That Was the Baby!

For many Christian singles, having worthwhile relationships of all types is not a luxury but a necessity. In a sense, it is a matter of life and death, but not in the physical sense. The sense of urgency of developing healthy relationships is more about quality of life than it is on physical longevity. So from this perspective of quality of life, it seems ironic that many Christian singles are not willing to do one of the main things that will grow their relationships. That one thing is forgiveness.

From the Project Hollywood Secret Files – Approach Women With “The Reversal”

Want to learn how to get girls into your life? Had an interesting conversation the other night that I wanted to share. Is it just me, or do the best inspirations always come when you least expect them?

How to Attract and Keep a Man – 2 Realizations You MUST Keep in Mind

So you’re always looking blankly at the ceiling thinking how to attract and keep a man? I know how hard it is, especially when you realize that with all the social conditioning and standards are against the idea of a woman making the first romantic move. Go against the norms and the chances are, many would think of you as someone cheap and desperate.

Forever Single? A Past Life Case Study

Can’t find Mister or Miss right? There’s nothing wrong with you, just a trauma you’re caring from your past life. It’s time to resolve and move on.

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