3 Feminine Traits Men Find Irresistible | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Single – An Adventure to Enjoy

Being single is not a disease. Being single is an adventure and can broaden your horizons in ways you never dreamed of. Being single can be joyful, add to your personal power and give you freedom to explore yourself in new and exciting ways.

Dress to Impress Girls – Proven Concepts That Will Make You an Instant Hit With Women

Dress to impress! That is something your mother likely told you and it is very true. To quote another cliche “You do not get a second chance at a first impression. Clothes can mean a lot when trying to impress women. If you do not have a sense of style you are always working from behind.

Can’t Understand Girls? Four Reasons She Thinks Like She Does

Why do girls think the way they do? In this article I give four reason why girls think the way that they do.

How Even Ugly Guys Can Get a Hot Girlfriend

Many guys think that you need to be super good looking or rich to get a really beautiful girlfriend. But there are ugly, poor guys with hot girls all around us! What do they have that you don’t have? Some may just be lucky, but most simply know or have learned the techniques to having success with women.

Five Stupid Things Guys Do to Impress Girls

We all have done stupid things to impress girls. It is part of being a guy. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes and move on. Here is a list of five common things guys do wrong trying to impress girls.

How to Attract and Keep the Girl of Your Dreams – The Opportunist Way

The first thing to do is choose wisely. Don’t just go for looks. Think of her personality, if she could be compatible with you long-term, if she is capable of connecting with you at all levels, and so forth.

3 Signs He’s Into You – 3 Clear Signs Of Attraction

He’s often leaning towards you. This means that, when you are in a one-to-one conversation or even if you are in a group situation, his whole body or at least his upper part is leaning towards you. Alternatively, his legs will be consistently pointing towards you all the time no matter how awkward that may look.

Pick Up Chicks – Vampire Style

With all the movies, television shows and books it is obvious that women really dig the vampire. So why can’t we apply that to dating? Well, we can!

Where to Meet Women That Fit Your Specific Type

Are you one of the men who are having imaginative description and fantasies about your dream girl? There is a wonderful source that will enable you to find your dream girl in an easy and effective manner. There are several places from which you will be able to find your kind of girl. Some of the popular places through which you will be able to find your girl include parks, hangout centers, beaches, and many others.

Do You Want to Get a Girlfriend? – Six Proven, Easy Steps If You Are Looking For a Girlfriend

Tired of being alone, but you do not quite know how to approach women? Do you lack the confidence and self assurance that is sometimes necessary to appeal to the women. Perhaps you have never even had a girlfriend. If any of these are true then this guide is for you.

Dating Tips For the Very Shy Guy (Confidence, If You Build it, Dates Will Come)

My normal rant is to say how you need to be confident and bold (or learn to fake it) when facing women trying to ask them out for dates. I stick to that statement, but what about when someone is so shy they even have trouble talking to women at all, much less asking women out. This is rough, in such situations statements like “man up” or “grow a pair” are simply crass and uncaring. In this situation it is not tough love they need to get them motivated, it is actual help. So this is a guide is for you guys that are extremely shy. A few hints and drills that will hopefully build your confidence.

Make Her Want You Now (Powerful Ways to Increase Her Attraction)

You see the pretty girl across the room. You want nothing so much as to have her leave arm and arm with you. You want her to go back to your place and sleep with you the sooner the better. There are no guarantees in life, anyone who tells you differently is lying, but I will give you some steps that are your best chances of making this happen.

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