5 Fashion Rules EVERY Woman Should Know

Do I Deserve a New Relationship?

At the root of many single people’s frustration and unhappiness is a feeling of unworthiness, of not deserving to have a happy relationship. This is without doubt the most common limiting, but often unacknowledged, belief that keeps many people reluctantly stuck in their single status.

Helpful Dating Advice On How To Pick Up Beautiful Women

Picking up women, like any other skill can be learned and mastered. First you have to acquire the necessary knowledge and they you have to apply what you have learned. The more practice and experience you gain the better you become.

3 Body Language Secrets Reveled – Find Out If She’s Really Interested

Learn 3 types of body language which show if a woman is interested in you. Women will display these tell tale signs to let you know if she’s interested which would give you to go ahead and progress things to the next level.

Out Run The Competition!

If you are going to get involved with online dating, you must realize it is a competition. We are all looking for the love of our life and to live happily ever after. Right? To compete, you must have the right profile to introduce to the singles online. I can’t say this enough: Your responses or lack of is a reflection of your profile! If you aren’t getting the responses you want TO your profile? It is because OF your profile!

She Is The One If

You are ranting and raving about your ex wife, and she waits quietly until you run out of steam. Then she does the unbelievable: she takes the side of the ex wife and tells you what you did was wrong! That has never happened before! All of the women in your past have always sided with you. Even when you were wrong…

Should I Actively Pursue More Than One Person?

Now, if you are actively pursuing 3 singles, and all 3 believe they are the only one. As a matter of fact, all 3 of the singles have made you their #1 choice and they are no longer dealing or communicating with anyone but you. At that point, you have to do one of two things:

Should I Tell My Children About My Online Love?

I meet so many singles that are introducing their children to their “online love” every week end via webcams and phone calls. The reason…”well, the person I meet needs to know it is a package deal!” It’s not a package deal if it’s not a relationship! Should I tell my children about my online love? No…because it isn’t love. Yet…

Should You Flirt Online?

Flirting should be stemmed from a genuine compliment. That is why I always suggest that you take the time to study the profile and pictures of the person you are interested in… It will give you a little insight into who this “stranger” is. A lot of singles think flirting always has to be a compliment about a person’s physical appearance. But if…

You Know Your Profile Is Good If

We are wearing an emerald green blouse that brings out our eyes and the slight auburn tint in our hair. Yes, the blouse shows cleavage but only a “tasteful” amount. Not nearly enough to show the tattoo on our upper midriff that your parents have never seen! Once you know your profile is good…Then it happens…

Can You Find The One For You Online

You must first know exactly what and who you are looking for, then start looking! If you really aren’t sure what you are looking for you are not in the mental frame of mind to active find “the one”. Online, you have access to singles from all countries and continents in the world…

Finding The Love For You Online

First, you have to determine whether or not you honestly believe you can find the love for you online. If you believe this, then you can go forward. However, if you are skeptical, online dating isn’t for you. But, consider this; how can there be millions of eligible singles online and there isn’t one for you?

Finding The One For You

If you approach online dating with the “club attitude” we’re not going to do too well. The club attitude is to let singles wander over to us…chat for a while…see where it goes to from there. If it doesn’t look like it is going to go our way, we let them wander off to talk to someone else, knowing eventually someone new will wander over to us and the whole process will start all over again.

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