5 Feminine Habits Of A High-Value Woman

Looking For Mr Right

Who is your Mr. Right? Is he tall, dark and handsome with a big bank account, a huge home and fancy car? Does he travel all over the world, is he known throughout the land? Or is he a man that walketh uprightly in the Lord, doing Gods will, makes a modest income, lives in a studio apartment and drives a Yugo to his moms house around the corner, to work up the street, and back home again?

Alone This Christmas?

There are millions of people who will be spending this Christmas alone. Here are some ideas to make yours a Festive Christmas for ONE!

How to Fall in Love Without Going Nuts

Falling in love can be a tricky proposition. Falling in love should be for the right reasons but many singles rush into heavy relationships without thinking about the consequences. So how about you? Will you fall in love for the right reasons?

Where are the Best Places to Meet Other Singles?

If you’re single and have had difficulty in the past meeting other singles you are not alone. The obvious meeting places may not be the best places to meet single people unless you are only looking for a one-night stand. Bars and other meat markets may be a great place to meet someone for a discrete encounter but rarely do these meetings between singles ever develop beyond that encounter.

Singles Groups Benefits

There are many good reasons to join a Christian singles group. The following is just a few reasons why it would be beneficial for Christian singles to try out their area singles groups.

7 Powerful Dating Moves Men Love

Let’s face it, dating is a game. The more knowledge and experience you have the better you will be at it. The trouble is that very few women really know what men want on dates. This article will shed light on the kinds of things you can do to make sure your date will want to see you again and again.

What Clay Says About You and Your Relationships

What was interesting to me was that each potter made a very different looking pot. When we all made our second pots, they all looked different from one another’s pots, but very similar to our first pot. Most of us were frustrated with how our pots looked and wished our pots looked more like our neighbors.

It Sucks Being Sick and Single

Some things are better when you’re single, but being sick isn’t one of them. When you are single and sick you have to fend for yourself. While that isn’t a good reason to get hitched. It can make marriage seem more attractive–until you learn that sick married women are also fending for themselves.

Top Ten Things Singles Should Never Say Before the Fifth Date

Ever wonder why you can’t get a second date? Think you’ve heard it all? Tired of being rejected before someone even gets to know you? Avoid saying the wrong things and watch your odds of getting past the first date soar!

Happy To Be Single

There are already 11 million single people in Britain and by the year 2010 that figure will steadily rise to 16 million. This is in part due to the fact that many relationships break down and that more and more people are delaying marriage in favour of their careers. Many will be happy as another wedding invitation drops through the door, that people no longer view them as social lepers.

Why Are You Single?

If you are single, you hate this question. With so many ways to meet singles these days, it surprises me that I still hear people say “You use a dating service on the Internet?” or “You met your boyfriend/girlfriend on the Internet?”

The Conversation Starter

Learn how to be entertaining and interesting to the opposite sex. Women can learn to be just as assertive as men when starting a conversation.

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