5 Surprising Signs You’re Stuck With A “Nice” Guy

Amazing Flirting Tricks – Spice Up Your Seduction

There are many little things that you can do during a pickup that can help you move faster towards your goal. Some are easy some are complicated but the more fun they are the more chances you have to get where you want.

What Attracts Women to Men – For Real

When I was younger I could not understand what was it that attracts women to men. I used to observe very different patterns.

How to Make Her Your Girlfriend – Tips on How to Make Her Yours

Sometimes, we just can’t help but wonder why we still don’t have a girlfriend. Well, we do love the single life and we love to date multiple girls at the same and we just love the freedom of being uncommitted. However, we do have to admit this one every once in a while – life sucks without a girlfriend.

Guide to Attracting Women – Some Simple Instructions

All men are born with immense capabilities for seduction. This is because each child gets the same gens as their parents and grand parents, many of which contain all the necessary psychologic adaptations need in order to seduce the other sex. The proof is that they are alive: they are the offspring of many million succesful generations of mating. However, most men lose this seductive touch, not because they are not good at that but because society indocrinates them with wrong principles. As a result they become dormant, living zombies.

Body Language to Attract Women – The Only Article You Should Read

One of the biggest questions concerning seduction is what type of body language you have to project in order to attract women? Body language seems to have become one of the modern hocus-pocus of popular psychology. There are over a dozen books published on the subject, and there exist over a thousand pages on the internet written about it. However, only few of these details are necessary to know in order to pickup women. All you need to know: body language to attract women.

Are You ALLERGIC to New Relationships?

There is no doubt that we all develop strong aversions to certain people or events, especially if those people or events represent situations or occurrences that have had a major negative impact on our lives. And this past exposure can cause a profound negative reaction to some future, and totally unrelated event. You may have developed an emotional allergy to new relationships.

When Suddenly Single is Not So Sudden!

As the words imply, the act of becoming Suddenly Single is often a spontaneous event that is the result of an unexpected and unplanned circumstance, such as a separation, divorce or the death of a spouse. The very fact that it is “sudden” can leave you in a state of overwhelm. These emotional demons will literally suck the life out of you. You must have the will, desire and fortitude to slay this dragon. If not, it will devour you!

The Flirting Formula – What You Need to Seduce a Woman

It has been troubling me for some time now: what are the necessary elements to ensure female attraction ? The single most important element in your seduction game must be the projection of high social value. Everything starts from there, that is your base. You can see it this way: Social value is the ace, the first necessary element, the “1”.

The Pickup Artist – Read This Before Anything Else!

I was amazed. Five years working as a bartender, I had NEVER met someone as good with women as him. If you ask any bartender in the world, he will have a lot of pickup stories to share with you. While for most men a bar may be a unique party experience, for us it is all work. As a result we notice things that most people don’t notice. While you are drunk and try to decide which cocktail you must order, we watch all your moves and try to figure you out. We see who shows off, who is being nice and who is not. We see the same patterns every day, so if something seems to be out of the norm, we spot it immediately.

Seducing Younger Women – Techniques on How to Be More Appealing to Young Ladies

It’s a common conception about older men — younger women are scared of them. Daunted and shy would be the right words but not all people think the same. But truth of the matter is, more and younger women find themselves drawn towards older men — their aura is much more appealing than younger men who can’t seem to move away from being an adolescent.

Meet Black People – Is it Truly That Hard to Meet Black Singles?

We have large numbers but why does it sometimes seem so hard to meet black people? Have you ever been sitting around or even working hard all week just anticipating the arrival of the weekend? You possibly have someone in mind that you want to see during the weekend only to find out later the person you wanted to see possibly had plans or maybe is totally interested in someone else.

Ways to Attract a Woman

Approaching a girl that you do not know can be a strong experience. In order to succeed you have to know all the ways to attract women. There are more than thirty ways that a man can use to trigger attraction and if you want to be successful you must know all thirty of them. You must understand that a woman does not have a choice whether she is going to feel attracted to you or not. You take an action and she feels attracted. That’s it. She has no choice on this in the same way that you do not have any choice whether you are going to feel attracted when you see a pretty girl.

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