5 Things That Make You Look Tacky!

Five Mistakes Singles Make That Keep Them From Finding Genuine Love

I have met thousands of singles in my lifetime and it is a subject people love to talk about, especially if they are single. I have heard many stories and observed what people do to be successful in finding a mate. There are all types of singles and many in their heart of hearts would like to meet someone special.

Conversation Starters

“Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?” or “Do you come here often?” The most amazing thing about these conversation starters is that you actually still hear guys using them.

How to Read a Woman’s Body Language – Flirting

This article is intended to educate its readers in the art of flirting with women, by reading their body language, then using the results to your advantage. The information throughout this piece is in no particular order, which means you should be looking out for these signs and signals continuously throughout the time you are in her presence.

What do Women Find Attractive?

What is the hardest thing to do when it comes to a woman? It’s about understanding her. That’s right. No matter how hard you try, there is no way you are able to understand her a hundred percent. Figuring out the woman’s character is far from tedious. Seriously, you can hardly figure out what do women find attractive. Women are unpredictable creatures. You got to know this, and make it clear to yourself, before you can step out into the world and have successful relationships with women.

How to Talk to Girls on the Phone

Not every guy faces this problem, but if you are, then help is at hand. Many guys might find talking to girls on the phone nerve wrecking. Well, there is actually no secret as to how to talk to girls on the phone. Every guy thinks they know what they are doing, but upon hearing the first “hello” from the girl, they will start fumbling and tripping! So, to prevent further fumbling, read up on how to talk to girls on the phone. It will definitely come in handy!

The Joys Of Being A Single Man – There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Being a single man is a great thing. Unfortunately, not every man realizes this. There is a freedom to be experienced, and pleasures to be had for sure. Read further to gain insight on how to enjoy the single life to the fullest.

How to Meet Women on Myspace

Want to learn some surefire tips to meeting women on Myspace? Read on.

Attraction Facts

Attraction facts, the things you need to know that are guaranteed to make women attracted to you. These are not the things society says you need, I won’t mention wealth, looks or fame in this.

How To Become A Stunning Flirt – Killer Techniques To Make Her Chase You Down Like Crazy

So what exactly is flirting? Well it all about having a bit of fun, being a bit of a joker, making her laugh her ass off, impressing her, getting her number and possibly driving her mad after you. Well but this is not it you see flirting is much more than just this and this is the reason why you simply can not describe what flirting is within a sentence. The true art of flirting is all about how creative you are and how good you are with your words and body language. Read on to discover some of the most explosive ways on how to become a killer flirt and achieve stunning results within no time…

Single Christians Dating And Lust

All Christian single men and women battle lust of the flesh from time to time. In fact, let’s just make that ALL guys and gals, whether they be single men or married men, Christian or non-Christian. One single dating man pal of mine said if his girlfriend ever knew his thoughts, she would never stop slapping him!

Have You Been Single For Too Long?

You can always tell when a wild animal has been held in captivity for an extended period of time. There’s this glazed look that they get in their eyes…it’s unmistakable. It signifies a loss of hope. The same can be said for those who have been single for an equally long stretch of time. And I’m not talking about a couple of months…let’s just say this person hasn’t had a real date since the last time Samuel L. Jackson made a movie that you actually wanted to see. What’s most unfortunate is many of those same people are unaware that they’ve even reached this point in their dating lives.

Do You Give Off Bad Vibes or Come Across Creepy to Women?

Women are very in touch with their feelings. When you start a conversation with them it only takes them about 20 seconds to determine if you’re the kind of guy they want. Yes – looks can be a part of it… but they are not nearly as important as everything else you do. The first 20 seconds with a woman is what I call the 20 second sprint.

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