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Sex And The Single

Or there’s the 3 dates then I’ll get laid crowd – the kind of women who thinks that if they hold out a little, sex will get and keep a man hooked. But that’s until you become a smart woman. One who understands that even though sex feels crazy good and fulfills one of our primary intimacy needs, it alone won’t necessary keep a man hooked.

What Men Really Want

A real man wants a woman who can awaken him like a clap of thunder. A man wants an adventure, to discover, go out to slay a few giants, and come back proud. A real man wants to fight for something and he wants a real woman who can be by his side who believes in the something that he’s fighting for.

Confident Body Language – Learn How To Appear Confident Through Your Body Language

My name is Bond. James Bond. Don’t laugh: Even though they’re just fiction, you can learn a lot from James Bond movies. He is a true Man. Let’s play a little bit. Imagine that you got the role of James Bond in an upcoming movie. How would you prepare yourself for it? You would probably watch most of the James Bond films already out there and practice in front of a mirror to make your part fit the original character perfectly.

Relationships, Love, and Marriage Vs Being Single – Top 17 Joys of Being Single

Pressure from sociological forces such as TV programming, movies, advertising, family, and friends dictate that you must pair off for a long-term relationship and join the herd or “couples only” club. If you’re single, rather than focusing on what you don’t have in your love life, we recommend embracing the benefits; there are many of being on your own, and we list some of them below.

What Is Sex Appeal In A Potential Spouse?

A recent survey has revealed the fact that men who are on the lookout for potential partners prefer the girl next door rather than a drop-dread gorgeous artist. A very big percentage of people assess the sex appeal of the person of the opposite sex before they decide to approach them.

Single Women – Do You Know The Real Reason Why You Are Single?

Divorced, widowed, always single women, this question is for you: Do you know the real reason why you are single? I asked this question to women in my research study and was astonished by their responses. What was most striking was how varied and contradictory their explanations: too fat, too thin; dependent, independent; shy, strong willed; not smart, too intelligent.

Divorced And Over 50 – The Secret To Redefine Your Image As A Midlife Single

Divorced for less than a year, 56 year old Darlene says, “It’s worse than if Mack had died. At least, if my ex-husband had died, I’d get sympathy from everyone. I wouldn’t feel like I’m to blame for him leaving me, what was wrong with me as a wife that I couldn’t hold on to him or satisfy him. I wouldn’t feel guilty.” Read on to see how divorce at this age opens whole new options, not necessarily available when you were younger.

Dating Opportunities – 3 Steps to Being Prepared!

How many times have you let opportunities slip through your fingers? How often did you miss important clues that someone was interested in you. Are you going to keep falling into these traps or learn the signs to look for and be prepared to make the most of your opportunities. Discover these 3 simple steps to help you to improve your social life now!

Screening For Quality Girls

Know what you want. When people don’t have options, they get desperate. Now, there’s nothing wrong with “taking one for the team” so to speak, but you don’t want to make it a regular occurrence. Here are some strategies to know if you’ve met a quality girl.

Spread Happiness

A big part of picking up girls is controlling their state. If a girl finds she is having a great time being around you, she is going to want to be around you more. Surprisingly, a lot of guys do not realize that negativity, in any form, is a downer for all and will essentially ruin any chance you have of getting with a girl.

Where Are All The Great Men?

Great Men come in surprising packages, but it takes Great Women to find them. Are you a Great Woman, and what would you do if you found a Great Man?

Why Am I Still Single?

It isn’t a mystery why so many savvy, sophisticated women wonder why they’re still single – you probably being one of them, since you’re reading this article. Sure, they say they’d very much like to meet someone new… but when you ask them how many new men they’ve met in the past few months, you’ll be lucky to find a woman who’s met more than three or four.

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