7 Fun Opening Texts Men LOVE To Receive From You!

Modern Man – Best Pick Up Lines to Pick Up Women

There are many ways to begin a conversation with a woman that you don’t know. Many men choose to use pick up lines. Now women know better than to fall for cheesy lines, however if you know a few tricks you will see even the worst pick up lines can have great results…

Modern Man – What Women Really Want in a Man

The answer to this question is one that has plagued men for as long as there have been women. For centuries men have been trying to figure out what women want in a man. Men aim to please, if only women would just tell them what they are looking for.

Modern Man – How to Attract Women – Any Type

Attracting women is something that some men seem able to do effortlessly. Is this because they are more handsome, have more money, or drive a nicer car? Nope, these men know how to attract women without seeming desperate, they know what women want, and they make sure that they display that.

Modern Man – Tips For Attracting Women

How do men attract women? Is there a secret that only some guys know? No, there’s not, but there are many things that man do which will not attract a woman, but will generally repel her. If you want to know how to attract women I can tell you.

Modern Man – How to French Kiss a Woman

Do you remember when the idea of a French kiss pretty much made you gag? Well we all thought it was pretty gross back then, but then we hit puberty and things changed. Then we were all about sticking our tongues in someones mouth.

Modern Man – How to Kiss a Girl

One would suppose that if you are reading this you do not actually want to know the physical instructions for how to kiss a girl. If so I suggest you simply pucker up and place your lips on hers. If you are wondering how to go about kissing a girl or making her want to kiss you then you’ve come to the right place.

Modern Man – What is the Nice Guy Syndrome?

There’s a debilitating condition within most men that’s damaging, not only to their love lives, but to their lives in general. It’s called “The Nice Guy Syndrome.” Fortunately, it is not a biological condition requiring medication, but what is it exactly?

Modern Man – How to Approach Women Without Coming Off As a Player

Knowing how to approach women without coming off as a player is one of the hardest parts of talking to women and meeting that someone special. We all know there are players out there, both male and female; however, a good player knows how to approach women without revealing their true intent.

Modern Man – Approaching Women With Confidence

Need a little guidance in how you approach women? Well you came to the right place. Learning how to approach women might very well be the biggest roadblock there is in meeting that special someone or even in just getting laid.

Modern Man – Conversation Starters For the Shy Guys

Learning how to break the ice with women with successful conversation starters is one of the most essential aspects of the dating scene a man can learn. You can have a great car, nice house, have plenty of money, and even good looks, yet without understanding the basics of knowing some good conversation starters you’ll be on the outside looking in.

Modern Man – How to Meet Women Anywhere You Go

Wouldn’t it be so great to discover the secret of how to meet women everywhere you go? Just picture it: no matter if you are at the grocery store, a club, or just walking down the street; anytime you see an attractive woman “that something” happens and you bring a smile to her pretty face!

How to Use Holidays to Your Advantage With Women

Did you know that holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day are a very big deal with women? These seasons are marked with TV shows, movies, and commercials that show couples having a great time. Great-looking men and women shopping together, having dinner together, having coffee beside the Christmas tree.

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