7 Places Where You Can Meet High-Value Men

Rid Yourself Of Approach Anxiety By Detaching Yourself From The Outcome – Part Two

This is “Part Two” of a series in which you can get rid of AA by detachment of the outcome. Women will just naturally feel awkward with you when you approach them at the wrong time or the wrong place, so you must start realizing that right now. Those are the harsh realities of this seduction game, and it’s a lot better to recognize this fact and start to learn how to detach yourself from EVERY future outcome no matter how successful or unsuccessful the approach/conversation/close happens to be right now, before progressing any further in this book.

Rid Yourself Of Approach Anxiety By Detaching Yourself From The Outcome – Part One

When you can honestly detach yourself from every outcome with women you approach, you will systematically break down your approach anxiety from that day forward. If you no longer put so much pressure on how well you do with women, you will be able to just kick back and have fun with every interaction you will doing in the future.

Needy Behavior Results In Approach Anxiety

If you have approach anxiety when it comes to meeting desirable women, you are probably objectifying them way too much. Start considering hot girls as just individuals who have different personalities than you or I. Then you will eradicate all the nervous behavior patterns you have when you have to approach women to get out of your dating slump.

Indecision Can Quickly Turn Into Approach Anxiety

By doing your homework first before you approach women, you will cut down on the amount of time it takes for you to approach a woman within the first minute of seeing her. It’s always better to make a quick move on a girl than it is to just mope around gazing at her beauty and saying nothing.

Getting Angry At Yourself Will Never Solve Anything

You should never take it too personally when a girl rejects you after your first approach with her. She could just be having a bad day or she could have just broken up with her long-term boyfriend. There will always be circumstances beyond your control when it comes to seducing women, so just focus on learning something from every approach you do and throw your negative thoughts out the window.

Get Out of Your Own Head and You Will Eliminate Approach Anxiety

If you are constantly over-thinking every single bit of conversation that you will be having with every girl you meet in the future, you will be doomed to failure. It’s time to stop thinking negatively about what will happen when you speak to that hot girl, and it time to start interacting with her right now!

Four Great Steps in Defeating Approach Anxiety

If you take reasonable measures today, your horrible problems with Approach Anxiety can be defeated by tomorrow. Here are the four steps you must take starting today!

Eliminate Fears by Working on Your Voice Control

When a man first speaks to a woman he is attracted to, he really must convey great confidence to her. And the best way to do that is by speaking with power and precision.

Defeat Approach Anxiety by Improving a Girl’s Day

Don’t ever think that you are “bothering” a woman when you first approach her. Instead, imagine all of the great conversations you can have with her, which will really brighten any woman’s day. That way, all of your approach anxiety with women should disappear.

Approach Women Quickly to Get Rid of Approach Anxiety

There is something called the “2 minute rule” when it comes to approaching women. It’s good to not linger around a hot girl more than 2 minutes, or she might think you are a creep. Better to say something immediately to her rather than wait for the “perfect line” to come into your head to say to her.

How to Pick Up Women and Have Them Eating Out of Your Hand

In this article we are going to talk about how to pick up women, and have them EATING out of your hand. (literally, if you want them too.) The truth is actually quite simple. Most women have VERY simple desires when it comes to meeting a great guy. And oftentimes lots of the advice you guys get is simply wrong… mostly because it was WRITTEN by other guys!

How to Get Any Girl

So you want to know how to get any girl? Have you not been having much luck picking up women? When you go out to the bar do you often find yourself going home alone?

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