7 Things Elegant Ladies NEVER Do In The Bedroom

The Key To A Great Profile

You are competing with millions of available singles. Your “profile” is your “face”. So, you want your “face” to stand out. Here is the key to a great profile… Your profile starts with a great photo. Please do not put the picture of you in a thong on the profile page. Over 90% of the…

She Might Be The One For You

With so many singles online, it makes it difficult to determine which one Is the one. Be willing to take full responsibility for the relationship you are hoping to establish. Along the way there will be lots of clues… hopefully you will know whether or not she is the one for you. Some of the clues are…

No It’s Not A Relationship

Sometimes we are so anxious to “belong” to someone that we try to escalate a few emails into a relationship. Well, I’m here to tell you no, it is not a relationship! A relationship has to have a foundation. Mail created in cyberspace is not a foundation. I have been online dating for…

Meeting Singles The Natural Way

There are many ways to meet singles nowadays. With the onslaught of the internet, how a person dates and meets singles has changed drastically. Meeting people the natural way is always better. And it doesn’t always have to be about dating. There are other avenues for meeting people such as through business networking and education.

Join a Singles Bicycling Club – Meet Fun People, Get a Date and Lose a Little Weight

As singles we like to stay in shape, and riding a bike can help with this. It is fun to get together with bicycling groups to meet members of the opposite sex and enjoy an afternoon of bike riding. You might be surprised to learn just how many of these types of bicycling groups exist, there is nearly one in every city in America and in the larger cities, there are several of each category; such as, mountain biking clubs, ten-speed touring clubs, unicycle clubs, weekend riding clubs, etc.

How To Review Online Profiles

To check out the competition, I strongly suggest you review online profiles. Just randomly pick a few and review them from top to bottom. Start with the profile User Name. Was it witty, silly, crude, or cute? Did it seem appropriate for their age? Did it seem like a good fit, when compared to…

Nice Guys Finish Last

No single person can claim that they are 100% goodness. The term Nice Guy is pretty ambiguous. Hit the streets and ask a bunch of ladies for their definition of “nice guy” You will probably end up with 101 different sorts of answers. But the truth behind all the answers is actually constant. “Nice guys” posses a certain kind of quality which makes them loose out terribly to jerks and the so-called bad guys. In the dating world, it is said that nice guys finish last, and it is true indeed. Nice guys have a tendency to be extremely polite, friendly, shy, romantic etc. So, why is this SO bad?

Where Is The Best Place To Pick Up Blokes?

Unfortunately the best places to pick up blokes are usually the places women hate going. However you should be thinking that you are there to enjoy the game of picking up blokes not to enjoy the place itself. Yes the places I am talking about are Football matches, gyms, car auctions and computer fairs.

What To Do When A Guy Approaches You

It takes a lot of courage for a guy to approach a woman, most guys are not very good at communication. You have got to deal with the approach correctly. Unfortunately, he has probably had too much bad advice from his friends.

Soul Mate Or Soul Flake?

Chances are you are like a lot of people who believe that you need to work really hard at finding your soul mate. You scan the room when you are out in a club, party, restaurant, the gym, or wherever there might be some eligible men. You ask friends if they know of anyone.

Funny Conversation Starters

Would you like to learn a great way to be able to start a conversation that is funny and cocky but not come across arrogant? Maybe you are in need of a few tips to improve your communication skills or you have no idea on where to start. In this article I will give a head start on how to improve skills.

Valentine Celebrations For Singles

Are you single on Valentines Day? Don’t let it hold you back from joining in on the celebrations. In the words of Whitney Houston “I found the greatest love of all inside of me.” Spoil yourself and while you’re at it why not spread the love around your family and friends? Here are some quick tips for you this Valentines Day.

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