Are Elegant Women Stiff & Boring?

Stop Talking About The Ex’s

You can’t go forward, with your foot stuck in the past. Not only that but if you are attempting to start a new relationship constantly bringing up the “ex” can and will continue to cause problems. Whether the talk is about good things or bad things your ex said or did, the current partner doesn’t want to hear about it!

Should You Meet Your Online Love?

First, the two of you have met online…a mutual attraction was apparent and was acted upon. It was unbelievable how close the two of you became in a short period of time. We all know the term “soul mate” is overused…but you’re going to use it anyway!

3 Steps To Finding Love Online

It is possible to find love online, but you first have to know what you want. If you are uncertain, that is exactly the types of responses you will receive. You will find your in box filled with a little bit of everything! Instead of pursuing and being pursued…? Your time will be spent sorting out your in box!

What Do You Think About Love Online?

Are you skeptical? Do you think it is dangerous? Be honest…what do you think about love online? I know I was unsure in the beginning. I was online communicating with someone in Europe, S. Carolina and N. Carolina. I was completely amazed! I was uncomfortable in the beginning unsure how to “converse” online. It wasn’t long before I realized it really…

What Do You Think About Your Profile?

First look at the photo. What do you think? From looking at this picture, does this look like someone you would like to know better? Does their smile make you feel like smiling? Is there a mischievous twinkle in their eyes and you would love to know what is behind it? Or, when you look at the photo…you feel absolutely…

3 Ways To Capture His Attention

All of us are online to capture someone’s attention! Here are the 3 ways to capture His attention… 1. Get rid of the attitude and the “diva-tude”. You might think it is cute, but online it is translated as obnoxious. That is not the image you want to portray. On the subject of attitude, please do not…

3 Ways To Capture Her Attention

Show you have a sense of responsibility. No woman with self respect, one online or off will intentionally team up with a financial liability. Show you have a reliable source of income and that you voluntarily take care of all of your responsibilities. Women don’t want to feel like they are raising another woman’s child, in the form of a man! The 2nd way to capture her attention is…

Tips To Setting Up The Perfect Profile

If you don’t have the time to put up the entire profile in one sitting, don’t put up a “partial” profile. In between the “beginning” and the “end”, singles will visit your site. How will they know you are in the middle of construction? Do you think they will write themselves a note to come back later and check? Not hardly…

It Is Interesting To Learn About Pick-Up Schools In Japan

The act of picking up women in Japan is referred to as nanpa. There are dating coaching schools all over Japan. In Tokyo alone their are dozens of these type of institutes.

Can You Tell If He Is The One?

With so many available men online, sometimes it is hard to know if he is the one. There are a few clues that should help you out… He hangs around enough to let you know he is interested and available. But he steps back, gives you space, and lets you breathe.

Do You Know How To Tell If He Is Not The One?

Nothing is worse than investing time into a relationship, and then discover; he is not the one! I have discovered a few clues along the way to help… He is Not the one if… He is an emotional sponge! After being in his presence for any length of time, you leave totally, emotionally drained! You can’t figure it out.

Having The Best Online Profile

To make sure you get the best results possible from online dating, make sure you have the best online profile possible. Take your time…it is an investment in your future. But as I stop and think about it, it really shouldn’t take more than an hour to set your profile up from beginning to end. Your profile will be broken up into 3 main pieces…

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