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New Golden Rule For The Aspiring Pick Up Artist – Violate It At Your Own Risk

Since the introduction of the reality show The Pick up Artist, it seems that more men are dedicating themselves to becoming Pick Up Artist than ever before. This particular reality show has thrust the PUA community into the forefront of pop culture and dictated a New Golden Rule for Aspiring Pick Up Artist. Ignoring this rule can put an end to any routine from the start.

How To Ask Her Out? 5 Killer Techniques To Help You Get A Yes Response

Every guy wants to know the perfect way to ask a girl out but most of them end up asking for advice from the wrong people and end up confused. The best way to ask any girl out is to do it the way you want to. Never ask for advice or take too many opinions because the more you take the more confused you are going to be and might never succeed in asking her out eventually. Read on to discover the 5 step process which would guarantee a yes response from her.

Ask Her Out The Right Way!

Having the right frame of mind when asking a woman out is very important. In fact, it’s much more important than the words you use. Moreover, if you state mind is frame is in place, then the right words will come to your mind automatically.

The Social Stigma of the Retired Single Female

The dating market can be a scary place for a lady on her own, but what is it like for a lady getting on in years, who suddenly finds herself back in the saddle?

What Usually Happens If The Numbers Clash?

What happens if you find that you and your potential love partner’s numbers clash? Do you give up the pursue? Or do you still go for it? What should you expect if you decide to go for it?

Alone in a Relationship

The most daunting feeling I have ever had was to be married and discover I was completely alone, it’s not what you would expect to feel with someone that you love and want to live the rest of your life with…

How To Have Great Conversations With Girls 4 Amazingly Simple Ways You Can Learn And Master

Most guys think in order to get a woman to talk you need to be a very nice guy with a very down to earth attitude. This is a complete myth and one of the major reasons why most men fail with women. You don’t have to be nice and you don’t have to say yes to everything. Women love chatting with guys who are challenging and adventurous.

What About Her? The Flaw with “Game” Exposed

The glaring problem that gives pua’s, alpha males, and other dating experts a bad rap–and how to eliminate that problem before your game actually gets in your way.

How Ugly Men Who Are Less Intelligent Than You Date Beautiful Women

Attractive women judge men by a perception of value. And what they generally value as ‘attractive’ is so illogical that most men never get it, and therefore never date women who are super model quality. Find out how you too can join the crowds of men who constantly date women out of their league.

Meet Girls In College – 3 Easy Ways To Do It!

To those of you that are starting college, the first week of school is the best time to meet new people. Trust me, it’s NOT a good idea to walk around with your ipod headphones on and not taking advantage of the opportunity you have. Everyone is eager to meet people, but you have to take the initiative and go out to introduce yourself. Some Good Ideas

Date More Women With These Deadly Conversational Tricks

How to use the first conversation and approach to turbo charge her attraction. Everywhere you go there are women who want to be attracted to you – if you know the right buttons to push.

What Do Women Seek in a Relationship – Achieve Mind Blowing Results

You might be thinking or wondering what do women actually look for in a relationship and what would their perfect prince charming be like? Different women have different expectations depending on their environment and outlook. So what can be done to create that magical influence on the very first sight and how to achieve mind blowing results with women? Read on to find out what women look for in a relationship and what you can do to live up to such expectations.

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