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Game Plan for Succeeding with Single Women

This week I want to focus on your own personal methods of meeting and attracting single women for love and romance.

Here’s Some Great Tips to Help You Succeed with Single Women

BE IN CHARGE Remember women want leadership.

How to Meet Single Women at Work

Take a real good look around you when you’re at work. Depending on how large of company you work for and what type of work you do, you’re going to see a lot of eligible single women. Don’t pass up the opportunities to meet women. You can make a lot of social contacts, being that you spend a lot of your time at work.

How to Meet Single Flight Attendants

Beautiful and vivacious flight attendants. Go to the concourses of any of the world’s airports and you can see them walking in the airport. These are women of mystery. They are like birds in never ending migration. They have an air of confidence about them and are extremely poised.

How to Meet and Approach Single Women

This week I would like to share my secrets on taking action to approach single women that you are interested in meeting and getting to know on an intimate basis.

Using Role Models to Succeed with Single Women

This week I want to focus on a method of succeeding with single women that is virtually guaranteed to work. I call it the “role model” method of succeeding with women.

Why You Need to Think Positively to Succeed with Single Women

Why do some men succeed with single women while others fail time and time again? You should know the answer by now. What’s the major difference between the man with all the beautiful girls and the guy with none? What’s the difference? The way the man thinks! That’s the difference.

Single Women Who Dodge Kisses

I want to talk about women who dodge kisses, especially on a first date.

How to Attract Single Women Like Crazy by Making a Custom Tape

Make a cassette tape to give to her. After you’ve gotten to know a woman a little better, make a custom cassette tape at home to give to her. When you make this recording, have some classical music playing in the background for a more romantic effect. I’ve used these tapes on single women and take it from me, it melts their hearts and really impresses them.

How to Succeed with Single Women When Fast-dancing at Nightclubs

Here are some great tips for that awkward moment when you have asked a woman to fast-dance and the song is over.

How to Talk to and Meet Single Women

YOUR DAILY NEWSPAPER AND BEING AN INTERESTING CONVERSATIONALIST – In addition to being a good listener, a wide-range of interesting topics, comments and humor are helpful in making yourself an attractive, fluent conversationalist with single women.

Top 10 Questions You Must Never Ask When on First Dates with Single Women

There are certain questions that you just can’t ask when on a first date. Some are just too personal and too sexual and they are just about guaranteed to turn your date off and some single women will be so offended that they will not want to go on a second date with you.

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