How To Financially Survive A Break-Up!

A Powerful Tip You Can Use to Chat Up Any Girl

Is there really a secret to attracting girls? You know every time you go out you always see certain guys approaching women and leaving with them later in the night, at least some guy’s. What do these men have that you don’t?

What Not to Do If You Are Serious About Getting the Girl of Your Dreams Today!

What do you do when you see a really pretty girl from across the room? What goes through your mind? I would guess that you have some doubts. That is generally what happens to a lot of guys.

Single and Staying That Way – The Growing Social Trend in US Culture

The years of marrying and taking a spouse for the sole purpose of making ends meet is way behind us in 2008. Today, more and more individuals are opting to simply stay single, sometimes even despite financial consequences. However, many claim this choice makes lives easier, more fulfilling and definitely more fun!

How to Attract Women – The 5 Questions Game

You’re at a party and get introduced to a friend of a friend. She seems like your type of girl and you want to make a good impression. You start up a conversation; ask about her job, how she knows your friend and what she’s got planned for the weekend. You make some more small talk but soon run out of things to talk about.

How to Give Sign That You Are Interested in a Woman – 5 Signs

You have taken all the right steps in striking a conversation with the woman you like and have become great friends. However once you are sure that she is your perfect woman then comes the greatest hurdle. Most men find expressing their love to be the hardest part. It is very necessary to show your feelings in other ways before actually popping the question. The woman should be aware that you are interested in her and find out whether the feeling is mutual.

Are You a Senior Single?

Becoming a senior singles need not be as scary as you might first think; it can open up new avenues for you that you probably would not have considered taking if you had a partner. Then there are people that are genuinely lonely and have searched for love but have never discovered it and so are classed as single too. To some people being single is the worst thing imaginable, to others it can be a whole new adventure. To be part of the singles group is quite common.

I’m Too Busy For a Relationship – A Woman’s Guide to Finding Romance

If you are longing for someone to hold and confide in, or even just someone to have a drink with every now and then, a busy life shouldn’t stop you. Here are some tips to help you find the time for dating.

This is Why You Will Never Be Good With Girls – Here is Something You Have Never Heard Before

A lot of guys think that getting a girl means you must live up to her standards in all areas including looks, money and status. Well I am going to expose some of the biggest myths men have when it comes to women. You see what women say is not what they mean when it comes to what they want in a man. Read on to discover what this is all about and achieve earth shattering results within no time…

Do Indian Singles Meet Their Spouse Quicker Now?

A helpful article aimed at single Indian men and women who want to choose their own husband or wife. Indicates the benefits and usage of Indian dating sites for this purpose.

Strong Women, Strong Relationships – Myths and Truths of the Alpha Female in Love Part 1

Many women these days are in high-powered careers earning the sort of salaries previously reserved for successful men. Does success at work reduce their chance to be happy in a relationship and doom them to be forever single? Are men threatened by their success? Does it take a laid-back less dominant type of man to create a strong relationship with these alpha women. In the first half of this two-part article, we examine the myths and truths of the alpha female in love.

Strong Women, Strong Relationships – Myths and Truths of the Alpha Female in Love – Part 2

Successful professional women often face a dilemma when looking for a partner and a healthy relationship. In the second and final part of this article we examine the real issues, the stereotypes and explore the solutions available to the alpha female looking for a healthy equal partnership in the 21st century.

How to Pick Up Older Women

The dating game is no different with younger women than it is with older women. All women are attracted when a man can turn on certain hardwired mating switches. i.e. dominance, independence, protection, and leadership are the main ones. This article is about learning how to pick up older women and in the process learning how to pick up any woman.

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