How To Have Sex Like An Elegant Lady

Powerful Techniques For Chatting Up Girls

There is no doubt that chatting up girls can be nerve racking. Many of us do not even bother to act due to an overwhelming fear of rejection. With that said I posit one question to you

If He Wants to Stay Single, Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably had the bad experience of hitting it off with a particularly great guy who also liked you a lot, only to have the relationship end because he “wanted to stay single.” The situations vary widely, but it ultimately boils down to him giving you an almost weird excuse to end the relationship.

How to Pick Up Women – Just DO It

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” This was a quote I saw the other day that a colleague displayed at his desk. Interesting quote I thought as I read it while waiting for him to find some documents. I read it again and again thinking ‘this is so true’.

Seduction Community Variants – Natural Versus Routine Game

The ever advancing Seduction Community has been responsible for taking multitudes of hopeless, socially awkward guys and turning their lives around, eventually achieving the lives they always wished they had. There are various ways guys go about achieving success with women, with the two most dominant sides being natural and routine game.

How to Have a Man Beg For Your Attention

When you are aligned, men will beg to want to be around you. You will have the ability to stir up a kind madness….intoxication…intrigue…and desire. That’s what I love…I love when a man is stirred, not shaken. Well, maybe if he’s stirred then shake in his boots at the thought of being with me. Yeah, he should tremble. When you are ALL WOMAN, it can leave a man completely smitten. It leads him to want to taste everything about your feminine essence and grace, far, far beyond just wanting a sexual experience with you.

Single Christian Lifestyles – Listen With Our Hearts and Not Our Ears

Listening with our hearts and not with our ears is one of those traits that should flow naturally from the other Godly traits. If we can put the needs of others first, it should be relatively easy to hear what they are saying with our hearts. If we are focused on serving those we love, it should not be a stretch for us to use our hearts instead of our ears to hear them.

Single Christian Lifestyles – Putting Others First

The quality of our trust in God can be measured in the amount of concern we express for others over our own concerns. As single Christians, we are divinely challenged to put into action the trust and faith that are cornerstones of our Christian journey. In other words, are we willing to trust God to take care of us while we focus our energies on taking care of others?

Overcoming Loneliness – 5 Common Mistakes Lonely People Make

Loneliness is a feeling which many people would not like to endure. In order to overcome loneliness, people tend to do anything they can to fill this emptiness in their lives. And sometimes when loneliness becomes so unbearable, they are prone to make certain mistakes out of their conscience that will only worsen their loneliness. Check out these 5 common mistakes that people often make when trying to overcome their loneliness, and try to avoid them in your own quest to conquer loneliness.

How to Get a Boyfriend in 2 Easy-To-Understand Tips

Watching all of your girl friends getting the guys they want and ending up in a great relationship as you’re left at home…just watching TV, isn’t the most pleasant thing that could happen to you. Now if you’re looking forward to be grow old alone that could be good news. BUT who wants that? I have some great news, the process and steps on how to get a boyfriend doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s a snap and a breeze as long as you have the heart to do it and willingness to change a bit.

How to Get a Guy to Like You – 3 Enlightening Tips You Shouldn’t Miss!

As you may have realized by now, answering that question is NOT an easy feat. Think about it – different guys have different taste. And what makes that question harder to answer is the fact that even if you’re great smelling with a perfume, you’re gorgeously dressed, or your looks are above average… The guys are always steering away from you like you’re a 10-feet tall bully! What on earth is going on? Believe me – how to get a guy to like you doesn’t depend primarily on the looks.

Mr Right Now – How to Attract a Man That Matches Who You Are, Right Now

You can use these three quick tips to learn how to attract a man, who is Mr. Right. Because who we are changes and evolves, so do our needs. The man who is right for you at this moment, may not be the man who is right for you down the line. Be open to being with the man who fits who you are now. Eventually, you will focus on attracting the person who fits with the life you want in the future. Using a be, do, have model, you can attract who you want, right now.

Single Christian Lifestyles – Godly Love is the Dating Thing

For many Christian singles, dating is something that comes and goes. There are times when you may be attracting all types of attention from members of the opposite sex. There are other times when you have to endure a dating drought where it seems like you couldn’t even pay someone to go out with you. Given this fluid nature of dating in our lives, it makes sense that when dating opportunities do arise, we make the most of these increasingly rare events.

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