How To Look Elegant Without Looking Boring

Are All Men the Same

Have you noticed a pattern in the type of people you are attracted to? Have you ever wondered why that is or have you put it down to being unlucky in love and relationships?

Pick Up Mistakes That Guys Make

There were 2 groups of men formed to take a part in research. As you may guess, one consisted of men who were successful daters and the other one included those guys, who didn’t seem to get along with girls too well, despite their desperate wish! It is important to mention that the men in both groups didn’t differ in their looks.

Advice For Women Seeking Men – Search For Sensitive Love

For a very long time the rugged men have stolen the scene at social gatherings. The calm and laid-back type of men get little or no attention and yet they offer the best form of sensitive love. The macho single men tend to overshadow the soft guys.

How to Pick Up Women – Social Proof

You know I think one of the most underestimated tools men can use to close the deal is choosing and developing a scene that women find ultimately attractive. If you think about it, who are the guys you know that consistently pick up women without trying? Am I right in saying it’s usually the guys who not only have a lot of friends but also look amazingly confident within their group?

3 Laws to Flirting in Your Text Messages

Texting is one of the greatest tools to flirting and building attraction with any mate you desire. I am going to show you the 3 Laws you must follow whenever you are flirting in your text messages.

The Dating Net

When you attend certain events, it might just help you date better women when you know the correct networking tips. Firstly, you need to represent yourself for who you really are. Then, what else?

Are You a Person Who Goes For the Girl? Or Not?

Are you a guy who initiates the situation and ask her out? Or are you the one who prefers to wait for the right moment until she makes a move?

Unmarried Untruths

Many women feel that being “unmarried” is a personal and social failure, especially in a marriage-obsessed society. What are you really saying when you descibe or think of yourself as an “unmarried” woman?

Love Your Single Life? Learn How to Have Fun Alone

Many women choose to be single these days for various reasons. They like their independence; they think all men are jerks; they don’t like to have drama in their lives; they just got out of a bad relationship and don’t want to jump into another; or they are busy perfecting their careers. Most married women hate to admit it but there are situations where they wish they were in your shoes.

Five Essential Flirting Tips

Do you know how to flirt? When you go out to meet people, do you know what flirting behaviors work the best? Here are five flirting techniques that will improve your dating life.

Are You a Fabulous Woman Who’s Irresistibly Single?

Are you a woman who has expressed difficulty in getting men to wine you, dine you, and love you? Some women just don’t think they have what it takes to make men fall head over heals over them.

Single Women – How You Can Change Your Feelings Without Saying You Love Being Unmarried

Single women may feel depressed they do not have a man, no matter what they do. Yet, they may not actually being feeling depressed. There is something else that accounts for that blueness: ambiguous loss — the not knowing if they will ever meet a man. Read on to learn more about how to deal with the not knowing.

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