How to Make Important Decisions You Will Never Regret Later | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Christian Singles – Where Can I Meet More Young Christians Like Me

Are you having trouble meeting other Christian single people like yourself? Perhaps you would like to meet new people for dating or maybe for friendship, travel, support or mutual interests and activities.

Guide to Single Parent Dating

Not too long ago, single parents were almost ostracized from the community. However, today it is very common for both men and women to be raising children either full time or part time.

Single Russian Women Wedding Ceremony

Most single Russian women are in pursuit of a husband and eventually they are all expecting a beautiful wedding ceremony that would impress both friends and family. Russian dating is ususally associated with marriage because simply dating a lady several thousand miles away just doesn’t seem tooo logical.

Atlanta Singles Dating Red Flags-What Saying I Love You Too Soon Really Means in the Dating World

When someone says “I love you” a little too soon, what does it really mean? Read on to find out.

Atlanta Singles Dating Red Flags: When the Words & Behavior of the One You are Dating Do Not Line Up

What do you do when a person’s words and behavior not match up? Read on to discover how to handle this common situation.

Why am I Single? Answers and Solutions to an Age Old Question

Nature never meant a human soul to be alone. This is a human condition formed from the ego, and built out of necessity. Nature does not separate us into you and me, them and they, we do. Nature would not cause a relationship to finish. She would cause two branches to find a way to adapt to each other. Both would bend, a bit.

Dating Black Singles – Searching For Your Dream Date

The huge interest in dating black singles is influenced by the large numbers of unmarried women in the African American community. Single black women make up 60% of all unmarried wommen and by the age of 30 only 45% of black women have married, compared to 80% of white women.

That Single Woman Wants An E-mail

Single women probably respond to less than 10% of online dating e-mails. The reason being that most single men are not taking the time to add that personal touch to what they are writing. Women need something more than a “Hi. Would you like to chat?” They need to see you’re interested in them, and how they will connect with you.

Atlanta Singles Dating Relationships Type #1 – The Recreational Dating Relationship

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of recreational dating? Read on to discover more.

Holiday Gifts For Singles On A Budget

Are you single and strapped for money this holiday? Are you living on a budget but need ideas for gifts that are low-cost? Here are some presents that are rich in sentiment but don’t cost a lot.

Why You Can’t Shake Off The Nagging Feeling You’ve Been Cruelly Singled Out By Fate To Be Single

Only God knows how many online dating sites you’ve tried. For some reason, you seem to be the only person who never seems to have much luck with them. May be you’ve even tried the lonely hearts columns and some people didn’t even bother to reply – that made you feel as if nobody wants to know you. You feel so rejected and unwanted. Being single isn’t easy, whatever anyone says.

Adult Singles are Dating Within a New Realm

Find out what Montel Williams and Adult Singles votes to be a new type of online dating site and why so many adult singles are using the dating service.

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