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Top 10 Reasons Why It’s Fun Being Single

Just six months ago, I received two announcements: one is from a dear friend and the other is from my favorite cousin. My friend was so excited that her long time boyfriend proposed to her (finally!), and now they’re planning to get married. The wedding would be held at around May next year. On the other hand, my cousin (who seems to be a happy go lucky person) also found her man, and was excited to tie the knot this coming January. Of course, I’m happy for them but also nervous that they are not ready yet.

Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last? Do Women Like Nice Guys Or Jerks?

Seems the nice guys finish last a lot of the time while the jerks seem to end up with the girl. Women really don’t want to be treated badly, but they do want a challenge and they are attracted to a guy with a bad boy edge. You can have that bad boy edge and still be a nice guy. So can and do women like nice guys?

Why Men Have So Much Trouble Meeting Women

The amount of men that have difficulty meeting women has sky rocketed. It is sad, but true, but it can be beaten.

What Does a Man Want in a Girlfriend? Find Out the 3 Things That He Wants in a Relationship

Not quite knowing what a guy wants in a girlfriend can be a very frustrating thing. Perhaps it is not knowing what a guy wants in a girlfriend that has proven to cause your relationships in the past to end.

3 Tips to Find an Amazing Single Black Woman – Some Real Deal Techniques!

You may be at home right now scratching you head thinking how can I attract a really nice single black woman. Well stop scratching you head and take some action! I have 3 tips that will put you in the right direction.

How to Flirt With Men – Some Easy Tips to Be the Best

Do you feel that you are pretty good at flirting with men? Are you a good judge of what works at getting a man’s undivided attention?

The Art of Seducing a Woman – What a Woman is Looking For in a Man

The true solution to seducing a woman is not a list that you check off one step at a time. It’s more a travel guide that you must follow to totally seduce a woman, mind, body and soul. And accept this as true or not, what really gets a woman interested in you is much simpler than you may have ever expected.

Meet Local Singles in Your Area Free Now

You can meet local singles in your area for free. Millions of singles online and new ones register daily, can you find one? The answer is yes. You can seek a single person to date with. Looking for love and romance online is a piece of cake these days. The process to find a date online is simple and easy. Do you have a computer? This is the tool you need to register a profile and search for singles.

How to Make a Guy Like You – 3 Steps That You Can Take

So, you want to know how to make a guy like you. That is just old school. There is no single lady that does not want to make a guy like her. I mean you do, don’t you? Basically, guys pretty much like the same qualities that women would want in men.

How to Ask a Guy Out – 3 Types of Approaches to Take

When you want to learn how to ask a guy out, it does not mean that you have to trot out your best at everything. You should not compromise any imagination or your checkbook or ditch your best friend for this date.

3 Secrets to Act Cool

If you want to attract girls or if you want to be popular, then you have to act and be cool. Being cool is when a guy is relaxed, easy to talk to but has a dangerous edge to him. Usually, he is very popular with everyone and tends to get what he wants. He has an attractive aura which allows him to get any girl that he chooses.

Picking Up Girls – How to Approach Women the Way They Would Like You to Do It

All women who like men expect that a man who is interested in her will approach her and try to pick her up. But no woman likes to feel she has been ‘picked up’ per se. You need to be more subtle.

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