Should Men Pay For Everything In A Relationship?

Man’s Best Friend – The Art of Inoffensive Pickup Lines

What are the best pickup lines that you should employ when you’re out having a great time? Only the most basic but at the same time the most interesting ones. It is usually the most engaging and respectful ones that elicit amazing responses.

How to Get Hotter Women Into Your Life – Be the Alpha Male!

If you need hotter women in your life than you need to read this article and find out how. It is way easier than you may think.

Discover Secrets on How to Pick Up Women

Struggling when it comes to how to pick up women? Not sure how to approach women or what to say when you do? Don’t worry, it’s not a problem. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps to help you get the woman of your dreams!

How to Attract an Aquarius Woman – An Easy Guide!

So you want to attract an Aquarius woman and make her fall for you? I can see why you would. Aquarius women hold many charms.

How to Attract a Pisces Woman – An Easy Guide!

You want to know how to attract a Pisces woman but you aren’t sure how. You need to understand a bit more about how women and especially Pisces women tick. This understanding is key to helping out your chances.

Picking Up Women – What To Do When a Girl Asks You to Buy Her a Drink

If it is a girl you have just met and she asks for a drink then I would think twice before buying her a drink. Take a minute and think about it, why are you buying her a drink? Is it so you can spend more time with her? If so, why do you need to buy her company? Don’t let her treat you like an AFC. Girls will flirt with guys and test them to see if they will pay for their night out. Don’t be the guy who buys the girl a drink and then straight after she has to ‘go to the bathroom’ never to return.

Accidentally in L-Word – Hangin’ on a Yo-Yo For Dear Life

I’d like to think that my life is one big romantic comedy and I’m just waiting on the happy ending. But what it really seems like is I’m at the scene where the girl knocks the toilet paper roll display over at the grocery store and everytime she tries to pick one up to put it back another 4 fall down and everyone just gawks at her. It’s like I’m stuck on that scene and the DVD is skipping.

How to Get a Man – 5 Simple Tips to Get Yourself a Man Easily!

Are you single and bothered that time may be running out on you? Read through and get some ideas on how to get a man with less effort and worries.

The Lazy Man’s Way to Attracting Hot Women

You can be lazy and still get as many hot women as you can handle. The lazy man’s way will show you exactly how. Are you ready to find out more?

Best Places to Meet Women – Part I

Let’s face it, some places to meet women are much better than others. This is especially true depending on the type of women you want to meet as well. Here are some of the best places to meet women.

Adventure of Being Single

Today it seems singles have more fun. Single web-sites bring pictures of possible mates to your fingers tips. There are more single travel and unique events then ever before. Here is a sample of one of those adventures; Here is an Invitation to a singles mystery party. With all these opportunities it is impossible not to meet someone destined to be yours.

7 Golden Ways to Get a Woman Interested in You

You want to be interesting as well. Lead with a statement or comment that shows how interesting you are, and how much of you there is to get to know. Make her want to ask you more questions

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