These Shoes Are NOT Classy!

Never Make This Online Mistake

You have to really be careful what you say and do online. Once you send that email, you can’t take it back! It will stay around and haunt you forever! Never make this online mistake; sending an email that could ruin you if it landed in the wrong hands. I have seen singles admit to crimes in emails, there have been admissions to infidelities, fraud, etc.

Make Sure Your Profile Stands Out

To make sure your profile stands out; you have to make sure it represents who you are and what you are about. It must make it very clear what you are looking for in a relationship. If you are looking for a permanent serious relationship your profile should state that. It doesn’t have to scream “I’m looking for a husband and a father for my children right now. Is that you? Well…is it?”

Is There Love Online?

In all honesty, love is everywhere! But will you know it when you see it? Finding love online is not that different from finding love off line. The main difference is we don’t have the advantage of seeing them in “their world” from the very beginning. That alone puts the relationship at a slight disadvantage. But, it can be over came…

Is She The One?

Many single men have asked me this question more times than I can count! But I keep bouncing the question back at them…”You tell me. Is she the one?” That forces them stop and seriously think about the relationship they are in. Is she the one? First, how does she make you feel? On a normal, day to day basis? Not when…

You Can Capture His Attention

Do not overlook your User Name. If you don’t want to immediately be viewed as a “sex object” do not use User Names that scream SEX.

You Need To Omit This From Your Profile

You have 6 children by 6 different men. This speaks volumes about your sense of responsibility and commitment. The same holds true for men that have 6 “baby mama’s”. Very few singles will want to take on this obvious challenge. When the topic of children surfaces, just say you have 6…period!

What Are You Looking For Online?

Do you know? Are you just looking for casual friends…male and female? Are you looking for a serious, monogamous relationship? You have to be able to answer this question before going forward. If you are honestly looking for something serious and absolutely nothing else? Your choices are going to be limited.

The Key To Finding Love Online

There is an art or an acquired skill for most things. Finding love online is no different. The key to finding love online is… Realizing you deserve love. I don’t care if your entire life has been filled with abuse and tears, you still deserve to love and be loved. If you aren’t too sure, please change your mind set.

The Free Trial Is Over, Now What?

Okay, so you’ve done your homework… found the three online dating sites that fit you to a “t”. You had your test drive…had 14 days to use the sites for free. The free trial is over, now what? You will have to evaluate your results from each site.

The First Step To Finding Love Online

One of the first steps to finding love online is to find the right online dating site. Let me warn you; there literally tens of thousands of online dating sites! Start doing your home work. Make a list of the “pluses” and “minuses” of the sites you research.

The Number 1 Sign You Have Found The One

You are no longer confused about the relationship. As long as you toss and turn with uncertainties, you haven’t found the one. But when no matter what your family and friends say, you are unshakable in knowing you have found the one. When you aren’t sure, people will play with your emotions like a yo-yo.

The Number 1 Key To A Perfect Profile

The #1 key to a perfect profile is…You. You have to be willing to invest the little time that it takes to put your best foot forward. I’m sure you have heard the expression; “you never get a second chance at a first impression”. The same holds true online, maybe even more so! Do not dig up a dusty old graduation picture and post it online.

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