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How to Make Your Best Friend Your Girlfriend – 5 Ways to Make Her Fall For You

Best friends will always be something that makes life sweeter and cute — especially if your best friend is a girl. Most best friends would end up happily ever after while others just remain friends forever. Both are cool but come on, I know you’d want to take things on a different level. Of course, there’s a risk of things not working out and you can never go back to being just friends — it’s complicated but it’s a risk we’re all willing to take — provided of course, that you’re already attracted to your best friend.

How to Approach a Girl Online – Why Pick Up a Woman Online?

Ever hope that you know how to approach a girl online? There are numerous ways of meeting women. Aside from the usual ways like at your workplace or a club, there are better ways, such as online. You may be asking yourself why pick up a woman online and not face-to-face. The answer is that it’s probably easier to connect with someone with this method.

How to Approach a Girl in a Bar – Do You Want Success?

How to approach a girl in a bar with success? From the time they first opened their doors, men have used bars to pick up women, and they continue to do so because it works. For some guys, they succeed quite often, but for most, they don’t succeed most of the time…

The Best Tips For Attracting a Woman Online

More and more people are looking for their soul mate online. They are thinking of attracting a woman online. Using the internet you can meet a person from anywhere in the world. If you like a woman the next step is to convince her to meet you. For that you can use your words.

Approaching Random Girls – Simple Yet Effective

Approaching random girls is an art as well as a science. If you’re in need of a few tips and tricks on approaching girl friends you are far from alone. A large number of guys falter at approaching, talking to, or even smiling at a girl. So in order to break through that wall, there is a good remedy. It’s called practice…

The Different Ways to Approach Girls in Clubs Or Bars

Want to learn how to approach girls in clubs or bars? There is more to picking up women than just that. This especially applies when you want to learn how to pick up women at a bar.

The Importance of Sexual Tension in Flirting – For Men Only

Sexual tension is a concept that most men fail to understand. This is why most men make the mistake to attempt a kiss a bit too fast. When you are dating you want to keep that sexual tension going without trying to release it. The only moment you should release sexual tension is when you find each other in bed.

Male Intuition and Dating – What? You Thought Only Women Had Intuition?

There are a myriad of books on dating, understanding the other gender, how men and women communicate, miscommunicate, misinterpret, come together, break apart and a lot of articles on woman’s intuition. But when I sit down with my male friends and get the skinny on their first date experiences, should I be surprised when I hear more and more of them telling me that their “intuition” about a woman was right?

Habituation – The Key to Boosting Confidence in Attracting Women

“No Guts, No Glory”. It is an old saying but it is actually correct. In attracting women the same saying applies. If you are not courageous enough to approach a woman and start a conversation, then you will fail to gain success with women

Tips to Be Physically Attractive to Men

Some women attract men like a magnet but for others, attracting men is a very difficult task. Although it is true that a woman’s personality is more important, you cannot ignore the fact that men are physical and the first thing that catches their attention is the physical appearance of women. To make a good first impression with men it is important to know how to be physically attractive to men. Here are some tips:

How Can I Tell If He Really Likes Me?

If for some reason or another, you find yourself wondering about a man that seems to have some kind of a connection with you, there are a few things that you can look for to find out for sure how this man really feels, does he really like me. On the other hand, is it just wishful thinking on your part and you really hope he likes you, either way it is hard to tell.

How to Pick Up Girls Online? You Have So Many Options

Trying to learn how to pick up girls online? More and more people are meeting each other on the Internet. The Internet has simplified ways of getting to know people, or otherwise he would never have had the chance to. Unfortunately, not everyone has embraced this concept. But, you can learn how to pick up girls online very easily.

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