This One Skill Gets You 99.9% Of Men’s Respect

Chatting Up Women the Easy Way – Secrets For Success

Chatting up women is a skill you can learn. If you’re struggling to get girls at the moment check out these tips.

Flirting & Eye Contact

There are many things that have been said concerning flirting & eye contact. Here are some tips that can help you use eye contact for you advantage:

Signs of a Girl Flirting in the Street – And What to Do About It

How many times have you been walking in town watching girls and thinking to your self that ‘if I had the chance I would sleep with that girl’. Has it ever occurred to you that girls do have the same needs as we do ? If yes what are the signs of a girl flirting in the road ? Women are subtle. If they like a man they will rarely stare at him with big eyes as we men bluntly do. Instead they will show one of the following signs of flirting:

Guide to Meeting People

I found my cousin sitting in front of his computer the other day. I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was updating his Face book profile. “Why don’t you go to the beach?”, I asked full of curiosity. “Well … I want to meet some people and … maybe meet a girl too”, he answered with complete indifference almost making me swallow an entire ice cube.

Magic Elixir of Attraction – And Why it Doesn’t Exist

Most people believe that attraction is produced by some form of magic elixir of love. In reality this elixir does not exist, it is a mere perception and I will explain you how you can replace it with something more real. First impressions last for long and seduction is not an exception. Let’s imagine that you meet a girl and after one hour of interaction she forms an initial opinion. Well, let’s hope that you made an attractive impression because if you haven’t there is nothing you can do to change it now.

Learning How to Be Sensual With Women – A Lesson on How to Be a Great Lover

Learning how to be sensual with women can be a skill that will take some time and effort for you to actually master – however, there are a few lucky men who get to become a great lover as easy as breathing – as if they’re born for it. A little weird? Well, let me tell you something you probably never heard of before – it’s all with the attitude, my man. Sometimes, when you act and believe that you can do it, everything just goes according to your plan.

Tips For Single Expats

You’ve moved to a new place, unpacked all the boxes, settled in, and now you realize, you’re single and you have no idea where to begin! Here are a few helpful suggestions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Picking Up Women at Parties

Parties are a perfect place to attract girls. But you can only do this, if you know the ticks of the trade. Being the introvert at a party will not help you. So you’ve got to know the do’s and the don’ts.

How to Attract a Woman – 5 Tips That Will Change Your Life!

Is actually quite easy, once you know how to attract a woman and the good news is, that looks don’t matter! In fact, once you know what you need to do to attract a woman, you will find you have them falling at your feet, regardless of what you look like!

How to Get a Boy to Like You – Ways to Become the Person That He Needs

Men are not extraordinary creatures that you need to please all the time. They are not hard to figure out either. What they want from women are pretty much the same as the things women want from them.

Bar Pickup & Women – A Guide to Seducing Women in Bars

Bars offer some of the best areas to seduce women. While clubs can be very noisy and involve an often intimidating environment, bars are a more down to earth alternative. Then you have those that advocate that the best environment for meeting women is the street. It may be so, but that is not very fun. At least in bars you have women that want to be approached, while on the street you never know what you are going to get.

Advanced Seduction – Towards a More Stealthy Seduction Game

One of the biggest challenges of modern pickup is to get over the canned pickup lines barrier. This is what most seducers call the natural game trophy.

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