When Is It Too Soon to Spend the Night? (Matthew Hussey & Stephen Hussey)

Why You’re Still Single

We are much more than our bad habits or default tendencies. If you choose to remove the mask, anything is possible. By committing to developing a perfect blend of skills, intention, and action, you can have the life you’ve dreamed of.

How To Find A Good Wife

Every guy wants to find himself a good wife. Nobody wants to be chained to a terrible wife for the rest of his life. But how do you find a wife that’s going to make you happy? Let’s find out!

Getting A Man To Fall In Love With You: Dating Advice For Single Women

For some, getting a man to fall in love comes naturally. Why does it have to be so difficult for the rest of us? You have found that special someone, but he either doesn’t acknowledge his feelings or doesn’t know that you exist!

How to Find Love – 5 Great Ways to Meet Singles

So you’re tired of dating. Tired of the single scene. Tired of dead-end relationships that are going NOWHERE.

3 Deadly Dating Mistakes Most Men Make and How You Can Change Them Starting Today

I am sure if you’re like most men you’d do anything to improve your dating life. Sometimes there are just a few small changes you can make that will take your dating skills through the roof. However, until you make the small changes your life is going to be very difficult with the opposite sex.

Discover the Top 3 Things Women Need to Start Doing to Get More Dates and Become More Attractive

Do wish there was some magic way you could just snap your fingers and you’d find out exactly what men really wanted? That would be great I am sure most women would do it in a heartbeat if they could.

Is There Room In Your Life For Love And A Relationship

Dating can create an exciting expectation, desire and hope for meeting a potential partner and fulfilling the need for love and a relationship. Deciding to embark on a new relationship can be a big step. And serious consideration needs to be given to all the implications that may be involved.

How to Cope With a Breakup From Someone You Love

Coping with a breakup is probably one of the hardest things to cope with in life, at times it feels like the pain will never heal so how do you cope, what can you do to ease the pain and heartbreak? Moving on and coping with a breakup may be extremely difficult so here are some words of wisdom that I hope may help.

3 Common Things That Attract a Man to a Woman

Men are attracted to women who are interesting and who can hold their own. Things such as paying for travel expenses and carrying your own luggage tells him that you are independent and are okay on your own. Refrain from asking him if you are too fat or asking him to accompany you all the time.

The Secret to Getting a Man’s Attention

To get a man interested, a lady needs to master the art of flirting. Enjoying the process is of uttermost importance.

Do You Know What Men Find Unattractive In Women? Results From a Recent Blog Survey

There are many things men find unattractive in women. However, most women are not aware of these. If you think that looks are the only thing men look for when getting into a relationship… read this post.

Are More Middle Aged Women Deciding To Stay Single?

Single women over 50 may be active socially, but are not always looking for a lifetime mate. More and more middle aged females are deciding to hang on to the single life. This may surprise and confuse their married friends though.. Let us explore this trend!

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